1. Please watch the 3 min video first.

2. Text the word “Purium” to 55678

3. Please use the site for info and initial ordering: http://www.mypurium.com/grandepartei

4. If you are a new customer, please enter your $50 gift card code: grandepartei on that site for any of the cleanse packs

5. Enrollment Options for the Cleanse Packs: PuriumEnrollmentTearPad-0315

5a. Before making any decisions on the enrollment options, think about your goals and how much product you’ll actually need. Think of it as shopping at Safeway or Costco.

6. Cleanse Schedules for 10 Day Transformation & 10 Day Lifestyle Transformation: TransScheduleCard_RD0215_PRINT

7. Athlete’s Cleanse Schedule: Athlete’s Cleanse Schedule

8. Transformation Support Guide: TransformationSupportGuide2015

9. Purium FAQs: TransformationFAQ_February2015

10. Kawaiola FAQs: Q, As for Cleanses

11. www.mypurium.com/grandepartei   (Purium Superfood Store)